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Art attack of the weekend! I love this technique and I wanted to give it a try.
» 1440x900 px
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..this seems the right moment to post the other two wallpapers I made.
As usual I’m not original at all with the I used the same one I put also in the other edit I made two weeks ago.

1 » 1440x900px
2 » 1440x900px
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NCIS Schedule Update

12/10/13 Devil’s Triad (#244)
12/17/13 Homesick (#245)
Christmas hiatus
01/07/14 Kill Chain (#246)
01/14/14 Double Back (#247)

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Somewhere in AU-land

It’s December and I made a new Christmas-ish/Winter-ish manip + wallpaper.
It didn’t really turn out like I wanted but eh…

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Gibbs (recorded): What do you got, Abbs? In English.
Tony: It’s broken.
Abby: No. That’s when he’s just staring at you.

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How Did ‘NCIS”s Newest Recruit Celebrate Landing the Gig?

Emily Wickersham may be the newest series regular on one of the biggest shows on television, but you’d never know it by how she celebrated getting the gig.

The rising star, who appeared on “The Sopranos" and "The Bridge," before landing her role as Ellie Bishop on the CBS hit, “NCIS,” told “omg! Insider" co-anchor Kevin Frazier during a visit to the set that she didn’t exactly go running out to buy a fancy car or a million-dollar home when she learned the news that her three-episode arc had been upgraded to a full time series regular job.

"I was at home learning my lines," she said. "I did celebrate this past weekend. I’m a homebody so I was at home, had a glass of wine, smiling."

The blond bombshell is replacing Cote de Pablo, who played the role of Ziva on the series from 2005 (season 3) until her departure this fall after two episodes (season 11). But, despite being a newbie on the set and filling the big shoes of a beloved character, Wickersham admitted she already feels like a part of the family. “It’s been wonderful, I feel so lucky to be here.”

Check out this video to see the one thing you might not already know about Emily, and for more of the latest in entertainment news, tune in to “omg! Insider” on television tonight!

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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS

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Long rant about Cote under the cut. Don’t read if you’re not getting into it with an open mind. I really don’t want to start a fight, especially not at this hour.

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